Upgraded Ruger PC9 Takedown Rifle

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If you’re into rifles that break down to small dimensions this would be a great choice.

This would be a good choice for “truck gun” or “low profile” applications among others.

This rifle comes with 7 ETS 31rnd clear Glock Magazines (one magazine not pictured, surplus chicom chest rig included on best offer). These magazines are compatible with other 9mm Glock models – 17, 18, 19, 19x, 26, 34, 45.

The rifle breaks down in two places at the stock and the takedown mechanism.
The (rough) dimensions are as follows:

35’’ Barrel attached, stock extended
18’’ Barrel attached, stock folded
10’’ Barrel off, stock folded
Detachable barrel length is 16’

Broken down into two parts the chassis is 10’’ and barrel 16’’ allowing it to fit into small bags.

It usually shoots around 2-3 MOA however you can find videos (mr.gunsngear on youtube) where 1 MOA is achieved with the right ammunition.

This rifle was meant to be used with an optic, however if you wish to mount your own iron sights, the stock iron sights on the Midwest Industries handguard can be replaced with picatinny rail sections.

It has an estimated few hundred rounds through it (no more than 300) and minimal if any scratches or wear.

The following are the prices for what’s on the gun:

Factory Ruger PC9 – 650$
Copper Custom PC9 Chassis – $295
Midwest Industries Handguard – $160
Sig Sauer Minimalist Plus Folding Stock – $200
HB Industries 9mm A2 Flash Hider – $15
Magpul MOE-K – $20

TOTAL: 1,500 –

For pictures, details, and questions: thelostachean@gmail.com

Asking 800 or best offer. Feel free to shoot me an offer for whatever price you think is fair.